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  • KOHKIN (antibacterial)

    Mission of INAX consists in creation of working and life conditions, improvement of quality of life and healthcare.   During the last 20 years R & D continued for most products and technologies of INAX to achieve this purpose.  In particular, INAX received international recognition in the sphere of antibacterial technologies and is at the first ranks of the range of KOHKIN ceramic products, to be used in manufacture of tiles, toilets, basins and other sanitary ware all over the world.

    PROGUARD (Resistant to stain formation)

    In the course of time inorganic substances, such as silicates and lime usually accumulate on ordinary ceramic surfaces and sanitary ware; this results in accumulation of dirt and black soot on the surface of toilets, basins and other ceramic items. These contaminations usually form along the waterline and line of flow to the lavatory, or near the water taps in the wash basins and basins. These accumulations of contamination complicate cleaning, and also deteriorate smooth and glazed ceramic surface.