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  • Features of ECOCARAT

    ECOCARAT is completely natural ceramic material with large number of micropores with the size less than 1 micron. It consists mainly of allophone – natural clayey mineral contained in volcanic ash. Owing to porous structure ECOCARAT absorbs excess water, maintaining humidity at optimum level, reduces condensate formation on window glass, absorbs harmful substances and removes unpleasant smell.


    Control of humidity

    ECOCARAT is capable of absorbing and oozing moisture 4-5 times more efficiently than diatomaceous wall surfaces and 15 times more efficiently than hygroscopic wallpaper (based on tests carried out by INAX company). On increase of moisture content in the room ECOCARAT pores absorb excess moisture.  Alternatively, if moisture content in the room is reduced, pores release formerly accumulates moisture. Thus, ECOCARAT prevents both excessive humidification and excessive dryness of air, maintaining comfortable moisture level (40-70%), ensuring pleasurable sensation for the skin and nasal pharynx. ECOCARAT diminishes condensate on window glasses to less than 1/1/5 comparing to former levels (based on tests carried out by INAX).

    Absorption of harmful substances

    ECOCARAT absorbs toxins, such as formaldehyde and toluene, quickly and efficiently. Ordinary building materials and furniture form formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful organic substances that can be dangerous for people’ health. Unlike such materials ECOCARAT may absorb harmful organic compounds, thus reducing their concentration in the room air. Odours and harmful organic substances form chemical compounds with ions contained on the surface of   ECOCARAT. Chemical absorption imbibes odours and harmful organic substances efficiently and quickly, after that same substances are released in minor quantities.

    Elimination of unpleasant smell

    Unpleasant smells spoiling living conditions include smell of toilet, cigarettes, animals and degrading garbage.  ECOCARAT diminishes these smells absorbing ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other substances with unpleasant smell.  ECOCARAT has deodorant effect significantly higher than walls built of diatomite brick.

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