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    Splendor, image, style and harmony – all this can be achieved at the final stage of construction.   Proper finishing emphasizes purpose of any building, gives it relevant appearance and expresses character of owners. Present-day Facade tiles allow designers and owners of buildings realize various ideas. Facade tile of Japanese company INAX is the leader among numerous options and offers in the market of building materials.


    Ceramic material INAX – all scientific achievements in one tile.


    Since the day of foundation and till present primary objective of INAX is researches and introduction of innovations in production of finishing materials. One of main objectives of Japanese manufacturer was development of ceramic tile resistant to stain formation. As a result of decades-long researches and developments new product appeared in the contemporary market of finishing materials - high-technology ceramic tiles for the facing of external walls of buildings. Facing tiles of INAX company allow maintaining tidy appearance of residential and public buildings. At any season, in any weather INAX tiles efficiently resist contamination. Ornamental tile for Facades is all-purpose innovation material for the facing of external walls of residential and commercial buildings. Facade tiles INAX create exclusive image of your business. Office buildings and representations of various companies - in its own way is a business card representing the finest aspects of your business.

    Finishing of business centers must be not only solid and long-lasting, but also comply with the modern trends of style and good taste. Elite ceramic tile INAX is an excellent example of laconic design and impeccable style.  That is why Facade tile INAX is very popular as facing material for office buildings and shopping centers.  Besides, beautiful ceramic tile INAX can be laid easily and quickly, which favourably reduces time for finishing buildings with large areas. Antibacterial ceramic tile – safety of children’s institutions. Safety and impeccable cleanness – key principle of construction of kindergartens, polyclinics and hospitals. Thus, any constructional material is thoroughly inspected for compliance with all requirements to safety for children’s health.

    Results of investigations of some types of ceramic tiles demonstrated their harmful effect  on the environment. In the first place this was because Facade tiles of former generations let pass moisture and dirt, which gradually accumulated and contributed to development of pathogenic bacteria. When developing ceramic tiles INAX, technologists of the company paid special attention to modern requirements to safety of finishing materials. Therefore, antibacterial technology of production of ceramic tiles was developed and approved as world standard. Now Japanese ceramic tile INAX can be safely used as facing material for children’s institutions.  Ornamental tile for Facades is absolutely safe for the environment and children’ health.


    Confirmed by the tests of INAX Company.


    Reliable ceramic tiles – long-term finishing of suburban cottages. Country house – dream of all city dwellers. It is the best place for the weekend, where one could relax, forget daily problems and cares.  However rest can be easily clouded if poor quality of wall facing urgently requires repair. That is why it is very important to choose such ceramic tiles for finishing of walls that would allow avoiding repairs for many years. Today Facade tile INAX is the strongest and long-lasting facing material.    Exterior finishing with the use of high technology ceramic tiles is resistant to impregnation of moisture and dirt, hence it preserves its original appearance over a long period.   Besides high strength, Facade tile INAX fits well into the overall style of the site   with summer cottage. Elite ceramic tile INAX of pastel shades is in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

    Elegant finishing of walls of commercial buildings – sign of success and prosperity of business To maintain impeccable style, it is very important that chosen ceramic material is strongly attached to the walls and is weather resistant. Japanese technologists, developers of heavy-duty ceramic tile, being ruthlessly ambitious, developed unique technology for bonding ceramics with the wall surface. Facing Facade tiles are glued to the external walls of buildings using special adhesive (glue) “R-V2 One Pack Boy”, which prevents loosening of bonding and helps to keep appearance of wall in excellent conditions. That is why facing (Facade) tiles INAX look stylish during long time and do not require maintenance /repair.

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