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    INAX Corporation was founded in 1924. Since the first days of its establishment Corporation became initiator of a number of innovation in the industry, including the first automatic shower toilet, automatic water tap and other technological innovations complying with modern requirements.

    The Company produces all kinds of sanitary ware, and also decorative interior and Facade tiles, material for interior finishing ECOCARAT, which allows controlling level of humidity within the premises and eliminate harmful substances and unpleasant odours.



    1924 // Establishment of the company producing tiles and ceramic pipes.

    1945 // Start-up of production of sanitary ware.

    1967 // Appearance of the first shower toilet "Sanitarina 61".

    1990 // Issue of the first in the world electronic automatic water faucet (tap) "Automage".

    1998 // Development of “breathing” ceramic tile ECOCARAT for walls.

    2007 // Antibacterial technologies used in production of sanitary ware of INAX company receive international certificate   ISO.

    2012 // Opening of INAX show-room in Azerbaijan (Baku).


    Corporation INAX has constructed 13 plants on the territory of Japan producing tiles, sanitary ware and furniture.


    During the last 20 years Inax Corporation opened its enterprises and representations in 7 countries.

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